Trucking Minigame

1. Detailed explanation of the problem:
When you start a trucking job, you get teleported to the trailer location, but the trailer is never spawned, making it impossible to complete the job.

First time I tried this, I was teleported to a trailer which was indeed spawned, but I was in the normal freeroam world and a player destroyed it.

I tried again, this time I was teleported to an empty world and to the trailer’s location but it was not spawned, there was no trailer.

I tried restarting my game, and like the first trial, the trailer was indeed spawned. But again, I was in freeroam world and I didn’t even have a waypoint to deliver the trailer to.

Fourth and last time, was like the second time, I was teleported into an empty world, but the trailer was never spawned.

I tried different trucking locations, different trucking jobs, and even tried base game trucks just in case, and they all have the same problem.

2. Time and date when you encountered the problem: 19:30 GMT+2 on 26/9/2021

3. Screenshots/video (if possible):


I’ve had this happen to me as well, and another player I was trying to help, he was having the same issue, and it still would not spawn for him…
Even though he restarted his game 3 times, he said.

Edit: This thread was closed about 4 years ago…