Trailers don't appear for some players

1. Detailed explanation of the problem: For some players the trailers never spawn (or they do on rare occasions). I finished 370 trucking routes so far and the trailer spawned for me every single time (sometimes flipped over or on a roof of some building but that’s a different problem) but some players like my friend are unable to do trucking because the trailers just don’t appear for them. My friend tried different trucks, different locations, different time of the day, tried using different characters, different settings but nothing helps. When he accepts a trucking job and gets teleported to the trucking vworld - the trailer just isn’t there and all he can do is abandon that job and try again hoping that maybe next time it will work. Out of 100+ attempts he managed to complete only 10 trucking routes.
2. Time and date when you encountered the problem: January 2021
3. Screenshots/video (if possible):

We are aware of this occasional issue and are looking into solutions, however since this doesn’t give any meaningful new information about it (i.e no reproducible steps), I will be closing this thread.
Since the code seems to work fine for most players I assume it’s something deeper in FiveM’s sync logic that is the problem, which makes it harder to narrow down…