ZR-350 (Add-On) vehicle spawning broken

I, and other players that I have reached out to are facing problems with trying to spawn the addon car: Annis ZR-350 (zr350). When attempting to spawn the vehicle, it says “Loading vehicle” and the orange circle appears forever and the vehicle does not spawn and the circle just keeps spinning forever. This addon car did work but the day after it no longer did, it just suddenly stopped working so to say.

I encountered this problem on the 20th July 2021 and is ongoing.

Here is a short video showing it.


This is because a vanilla ZR-350 was added in the new LS Tuners update, and FiveM has started blocking the model because it has the same name as the vanilla car:

Blocking of assets from the new update when loaded as user resource on older releases. This is blatant piracy, and also only led to various compatibility issues when the new release actually gets supported and used.

Should be fixed in a few days when the server restarts and I rename the mod

nm i saw exo post later