Wheelpack Addon

Hello you guys!
Justxwanted you to take a look at this new wheelpack, they are sooo dope :heart_eyes: would LOVE to see some deepdish and splitrims addon in the server!
Figure8 made a preview, I hope you like them too!

Amd heres the link to the mod;

Btw thanks a bunch for the quick add of torque-engine multiplier, the perfect for the server and both me and my friends use it all the time!
Best regards :slight_smile:

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Yes please, Iโ€™d prefer wheels based on real life but these will do tooโ€ฆ maybe we can get both?

Yeah weโ€™re in some serious need of some new wheels. I suggested some as well, but were never added so oh well.

Iโ€™ve figured out now how to add rims to all cars globally. Itโ€™s a bit weird but it works.

You should start seeing extra rims added shortly :slight_smile: