Vehicles & Maps

I’d like to suggest a few cars, wheel packs and maps for the drifty bois because the drifting community on the server keeps growing and I think people would like to have more maps they could drift on


Here’s an R32 that could replace the current one on the server
This one has tuning parts and liveries



(Fujimi Kaido the best map out of the 4)

Also here’s a rally map cause why not :р

Thanks for reading I hope these get added


These tracks are absolutely amazing and I hope we will be able to see some of them on our server soon. Adding Ebisu would be awesome as well. :pray:


Yeah, it would be great. Interesting tracks as well as cars and wheel packs. Kanagawa is dope tho.

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ye all we can do is hope they add the maps i suggested or any of these

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^^ itd be cool to see the project touge map along with the toyota mk2 jzx100 in game

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