Unban Appeal Application

Ban ID: 2946bffc-dbf7-4b9c-addc-f8b232f2e613

Any extra information about the ban, such as what you were doing or why you should be unbanned: I was banned for spamming chat. I am very sorry, and I feel very embarrassed of myself. my and my friend do a sort of roleplay of driving a airplane with people. But I mistakenly did a spam in chat that led to the ban. But I admit to my mistake, and I am saying sorry for it. Please forgive me and give me once more chance to be decent player at this server, as this server is the only place I play on the gta 5.

You’ve been muted 13 times overall and you’ve not shown any improvement since your first ban. This is the third time you’ve been banned - third bans are permanent.