UI Changes and Scripts

I have a few suggestions.

First of all the server is missing a key feature, that would make the experience way better for everyone, and some little things.

I’m suggesting:

  • Client side weather and time changing. ( This is a feature on almost every single server I’ve played on)

  • A way to completely hide the menu bar on the top (it’s subtle but having a way to completely remove it would make the immersion experience better)

  • And finally a less important one; fix the viewing angle bug when you collide with a player in drift maps.

I love the server, but the first two are key features that I’m suprised aren’t already on it.

since you’ve mentioned you’d want the ability to hide the top menu, i’m not sure you if you’re aware you can “close” it. it’ll look like this:

it’s not completely hidden but still :stuck_out_tongue:
in order to close it press F1 to bring out the cursor, then click on the Impulse99 logo and then black join/leave bars at the sides, and finally press F1 again to close the cursor mode.

Yeah, I’m aware of that. Thanks for answering though! On some servers you’re able to completely remove the HUD, which I really like.

Back to the weather / time thing; I really would appreciate if you considered it as a valid idea. I obviously would not be aware if there were technical reasons to why it wouldn’t work. However I still consider it an absolute necessity on every server, and I think it would be used by the majority of players.


I’ve pushed an update that makes the HUD smaller when collapsed.

The time/weather thing isn’t really possible at the moment and would require a complete rewrite of the underlying systems. It may get added in the future but it’s not on the roadmap for now.

Appreciate the effort! Huge plus for customer support :stuck_out_tongue: