Text and objects attachable to cars like samp

would be nice to have a system where you could attach text with /vtext and objects with /vo
the vtext should have bad words filtering like with gta online phone text chat.
that would be awesome expecially for making liveries for some cars.
and a system to attach objects like lights signs beacons ecc!
and of course make so the cars can be saved and respawned later with objects still on them of course making just spawnable medium to small objects and blocking the big ones
this could make possible to make some very funny and hilarious vechiles wich arent even in the 5 mods.
is up to the staff to change this suggestion to their liking or to accept just one of the two or not accept it at all wich i hope not since that would add a tons of fun to the server
here is an example from a well known gta samp server the text an objects like beacons and the antenna (neon)

let me know if you guys like it or wanna add or change something :+1: