Tap F10 to hide HUD instead of holding

F10 is useful to take screenshots and record some clips, but it’s also inconvenient.

  1. You have to keep holding it for as long as you are recording.
  2. You can’t type on the chat while it’s hidden.
  3. If chat has been hidden previously, holding F10 will bring chat back up, defeating the purpose of a function that should hide everything from the screen. To hide chat you need to press F10 again, which will now keep 2 notifications on screen, and you have to wait for them to disappear before taking your screenshot. Oof.

Here’s my suggestion on how it should work. Tapping F10 should hide chat and HUD, as well as collapse the i99 interface, just like it currently does, but with no need to keep holding F10. While hidden, it should still be possible to bring the chat back up by pressing T. Needless to say it should disappear again when you close the chatbox. It’s a simple fix that solves all problems, and very easy to implement. Certainly would be very much appreciated.



would make more sense to have it to like 2 ways of hiding, 1 hold to hide 2 double tap to lock hidden
and change chat key to annother fn

I don’t think 2 different ways to hide is necessary, but i can see why some people would want to keep chat disabled while still showing the rest of the interface.

I’d assume devs would rather keep just one key for simplicity. In that case i’d suggest making it so that you don’t need to keep holding F10 permanently, but instead just hold it for 1 second to lock the interface on or off. And to hide chat it would still be a tap action. A further improvement would be to toggle the chat state only as you release the key within 1 second, not immediately when you press it. So it wouldn’t alter your preferred chat state whenever you hold F10 to hide the interface.

Worth a reminder that it should still be possible to open the hidden chat by pressing T.

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