Stalking, menacing, harrasement

1. Player UID:835862
2. Player name:SuZISeq
3. Time and date of incident: 09/06/2022 about 6:00am
4. Description of incident: several times this person has passed near me and keeps saying stuff like in the picture… we used to be friends, but i unfriended, because this person is always in freemode near my aptarment and watching everything i do… this guy is obsessed with me. I have to be in party mode so i can feel safe from this person, his name used to be DEATHSOUL, that should be some kind of proof that we were once friends. i have friends in common with this person that can be witness of my testimony. thanks.
5. Proof (preferably screenshots/video):

Hi Baker,

Thank you so much for sharing this report with us. I’m sorry to hear about this stalking/harassment behavior. We will definitely start more actively paying attention to this behavior, and we will alert SuZISeq that he should refrain from contacting you. If he continue to harass you — please use /report and admins will begin escalating the complaint.