Some Suggestions

I’m sure some of these will be implemented soon. But, I will go ahead and state some here. Maybe others might be able to add to the ideas.

  1. Properties - Buy properties with money. Some properties can generate revenue. Bring the /steal command back. (Pretty much the same as SA-MP… anyone else have any other ideas for props?)

  2. Spawn protection. Spawn was a bit chaotic today… Can we prevent vehicles from spawning in the grass area in spawn? Maybe even integrate an auto shunt for vehicles attempting to enter spawn.

  3. God mode… I’m kinda stuck on this one… I do miss being able to kill people randomly. Yes, I know there is a few DM zones, but nothing like driving by and killing someone. Maybe disable god mode by default? The only issue is, people might toggle it on/off when shooting people.

  4. Prohibit certain weapons… Explosives/Minigun

  5. /shunt command for admins. Not sure if no-clip would interfere with this.

  6. Auto join back to the DM you were in.

  7. Cookies? Ability for admins to give out some kind of rewards if we host events or something. Only problem last time was cookies couldn’t be traded in for anything. Anyone have any ideas what cookies could be used for?

  8. Car chase(There was some concern for client side tampering?)/derby/sumo…

Some of these suggestions were discussed before server launch. Curious to see more inputs on the suggestions.

  1. With for Properties added it might saying Yes.

  2. Auto spawn i think was basic good idea well i agree it that for it.

  3. Godmode was disabled for by Players, think metioned only Trust Players was allowed doing for Godmodes.

  4. Yes removing by Player only Trust Player allowed using exploding and Miniguns.

  5. Yes

  6. Also point Yes.

  7. Metioned for cookies stuff was thinking for by admins using cookie good stuff.

  8. I’ll not sure for about carchase for added was IDK.

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Properties are on the list, but they’re fairly low on the list so don’t expect them soon.

Various ways of spawn protection are being tested, but it’s no guarantee that it will be a thing. Besides, it was alright yesterday on spawn. Maybe some extra vehicles lying around, but that’s a problem with different solution.

idk I feel like having god mode solves a lot more issues than not having it at all, because before you had people who would teleport to new players and kill them

I don’t see why any weapon should be disallowed

shunt could be a thing

DM autojoin is coming soon

We always had cookies, they could be added although they don’t serve any point other than being just cosmetic so it’s pretty low on the list

Ehh carchase was always annoying, you had people camping around it with weapons or just ramming the chasecar even before someone would enter. Overall it had a lot of issues.
Derby is also coming soon(although not that soon)

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Removing explosives/miniguns was more to prevent explosive spamming/miniguns instantly blowing AI cars up… then again I just realized they would be able to do that with certain vehicles too…

Curious to see more thoughts on this.

I have a few suggestions that hopefully haven’t been already mentioned

  1. plane cargo similar to trucking missions but with planes
  2. more trucking cargo options, maybe even some wide load things or even some small loads for pickup trucks if that’s possible!
  3. possibly the implentation that some more realistic servers have such as turning signals, gas stations
  4. maybe a second server that’s almost identical in gameplay and spawning but more realistic with cop role-play and maybe that’s where the realistic (turn signals and gas stations) can be.
  5. maybe a separate discord server for each server so everyone can join in (if they want) with friends and talk but its not required to play on the fiveM server

hopefully these are helpful and not just unreasonable! love the server and it has tons of potential!!

I will comment on your separate servers and discord suggestion first. Thing is, we’ve been open for little over a day (at the time of writing this post) and it’s too early to tell/decide what the direction of the community will be.

Regarding truck minigame: there are still some improvements to be made to the minigame overall. However other stuff might take priority because it’s still a new server, so I don’t know how soon this will be ready. But future updates will definitely include more cargo options (very possibly with objects attached to flatbeds and different trailers depending on what we find in default GTAV trailers),improved trucking companies (mostly to avoid collision of new trailer and already existing vehicle at the parking spot, be it another player or just parked vehicle) and some very rudimentary job market.

There are lots of other cargo vehicles (pickups, vans, tow trucks, etc), but they mostly boil down to driving from A to B. Same thing with planes, except it’s take off, fly, land and there are only two big airports (that are fairly close) and two small airports.

Turning signals and fuel (for truck minigame, also optional) would be nice and they’re on the list for future improvements. Some vehicles might not have working signals though, but that’s fine.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the server :grinning:

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Yeah, I feel like this will become a problem later on. Could do what was done on samp tho, separate all DM vehicles into their own “bubble”.