Some ease of life suggestions

make it so that you can only save cars in the drivers seat so people cant steal your car and then harass you with the fact that they did.

make it so that you cant use vehicle weapons in no clip because people will no clip with the apc or jets and just infinitely spam rockets or exploding bullets at legion which gives a considerable screenshake which makes drifting borderline impossible and just ruins the general vibe for everyone

if possible make it so that if youre in your car with locked doors people cant just smash the window and get in anyways (this would be less of an issue if my first suggestion is possible)

make it so that planes delete instantly as soon as someone gets out even if theyre personal vehicles to prevent people spamming them at popular spots.

make boats unspawnable on land so people cant block entire roads with the tugboat to harass drifters.

if possible add a passive mode option to ghost you so people cant ram you (preferably without you/your vehicle turning see through)

add the visual suspension height option to Vstancer.

look into getting active admins to keep some of the worst offenders in check because its cool we can report people but it would be nice if situations could be resolved on the spot instead of having to record, upload and post everytime because not a lot of people want to do that everytime making a lot of stuff go unnoticed or uncorrected.

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i fully agree on these beautiful ideas. especially the one with the tugboat and the planes and stuff it is getting tired. i suggest that you can spawn planes and boats only on an airport and the sea so they cannot grief people. the visualsuspension is also cool and i see it in every server except i99 so yeah i think it will be fantastic if they add the visualsuspension in i99. :heart: