Some bugs

  1. Players can still fire vehicle weapons while in no-clip mode or inside no-collision zones.

  2. Vehicle god mode (or no deformation) seem to be client sided only, resulting in other players seeing damaged vehicles while the driver sees it in perfect condition.

  3. vMenu personal vehicle functionality is lost when owner gets far away from the vehicle. The PV icon disappears, but the vehicle doesn’t despawn. If you come back to it you can no longer lock/unlock it or do anything at all.

  4. NPCs in parties get despawned during server cleanups. Not sure this is intended behavior, but if there’s a way to despawn only empty or broken vehicles and dead NPCs without affecting existing AI traffic, that would be great.

  1. is known but there’s no easy way to disable vehicle weapons on the fly like there is for on foot, unfortunately. Will further look into some more complicated methods in the future.

  2. is also known, but isn’t the biggest priority to fix as it’s a fairly minor issue.

  3. is just how the feature in vMenu works because the entity’s owner changes if you get too far due to how FiveM is networked. There isn’t too much that can be done about it.

  4. yeah, this can be done, and will be implemented very soon.

  1. I suggest disabling controls. This native has to be called every frame, though.
DisablePlayerFiring(PlayerPedId(), 1)
DisableControlAction(0, 24, 1)		-- INPUT_ATTACK
DisableControlAction(0, 47, 1)		-- INPUT_DETONATE
DisableControlAction(0, 68, 1)		-- INPUT_VEH_AIM
DisableControlAction(0, 69, 1)		-- INPUT_VEH_ATTACK
DisableControlAction(0, 70, 1)		-- INPUT_VEH_ATTACK2
DisableControlAction(0, 92, 1)		-- INPUT_VEH_PASSENGER_ATTACK
DisableControlAction(0, 114, 1)		-- INPUT_VEH_FLY_ATTACK
  1. I see, that’s alright, still would be nice to have a fix.

  2. I understand it might be complicated to fix, but it’s certainly doable. I know it has been fixed in another server.

  3. Sounds great! While we’re at it, there’s another thing. Server cleanups also delete emote props. If you could take a look at that, it would be awesome.