Snow once or twice a month

Hi ive come up with this idea since many ppl never got to see snow in impulse (many joined after december) but mainly because ppl complain about rockstar taking snow away too fast and never putting it enough, and in fivem where you can choose is just not a good thing to copy what rockstar does wich gets criticised cause of that.
my suggestion basically would be: put snow once or two times a month for 1 day randomly each time, that way it wont be a big deal for who dont like snow as it would be basically one random day then annother day random making it so its not 2 consecutive, kinda tricky to explain but should get the point,
this would allow ppl to enjoy it more and allow newer users to enjoy it without having to wait chrismas


yes this would be cool

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:wave: ye that would be cool, so players can experience it without having to wait chrismas