Server suggestions

A few server suggestions i might find a bit helpful.

  • Player ghosting is my main issue here because people gets harassed, griefed, alot. The fact that its a freeroam server people thinks its always okay to grief on other people, but thats not the case when youre doing a job. The internet is always going to be the internet and we cannot expect people to behave like we want them to, there’s always trolls, If ghosting is not a valuable option then make it so people cant grief you while you are doing a job.

  • Another issue is connected to Griefing that is using the /tp command, the fact that it doesn’t request permission and straight up teleport to the person makes it annoying, I for once go to my house to rest from griefers/trolls. it should have been a safehouse for these people but they easily get in by only typing /tp. the amounts of griefing i get is fucking terrifying, if not getting rid of /tp but add it with a request, is the first option, ghosting.

  • A suggestion for us to have fun with emotes, adding the emotes option will surely make the server more alive and fun. we are limited to the options of emotes we have now.

  • More BMWs

  • More admins on different timezones so they have active staff 24/7 in the server


For the second suggestion i think something like /disabletp would work better

Edited: @ Suggestions only (it could be added)

For the /tp command, when someone is trying to /tp to you, you can set the /tp command in player options, where if and when someone is trying to /tp to you, it prompts you and you can either /deny tp or /accept tp

For BMW’s, I definitely want the BMW 1M to be added to this server if it hasnt already been

we’re trying out different solutions to griefer problem, we’ll see how it goes. atm truckers are safe from non truckers

tp toggle was added

don’t know about emotes, there’s a huge list at maybe you could pick some

bmws you’ll have to link yourself