Scoreboard Bug

1. Detailed explanation of the problem:
6:55PM US East: Checked player list via up arrow and showed me and Mudzyndory was in the server.
Mudz was already gone since he/she left at around 6:22PM.
Amnes joined at 6:30PM and was in the server when i checked player list at 6:55PM US East… but he didn’t show up in the scoreboard… However, he showed in the player list when using !players in Discord.

Amnes was able to see my messages and everything. Amnes reported he didnt see anyone on the scoreboard but himself.

2. Time and date when you encountered the problem: 1/15 around 6:55PM US Eastern time.
3. Screenshots/video (if possible):

This happens because FiveM by default uses Rockstar’s network code which splits players into sessions (p2p network code :wutface:). This happens randomly and can usually be fixed by going to Misc Options in vMenu and then Connection Options->Quit session and Rejoin session.

When we eventually move to OneSync this problem should go away, however that still requires some testing to be done

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We are now trialing OneSync so this shouldn’t happen anymore. Some bugs with OneSync that may occur are

  • at times slightly glitchy traffic/NPCs
  • some users have reported slightly worse performance but I haven’t noticed any difference
  • your old body occasionally not vanishing on death and respawn
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