Scenatios/emotes command error

Some of the scenarios like /e beer dont seem to work any more we use to be able to move with a botle of beer and such afther the new menu update i can’t use the scenarios / emote in a vehicle and can’t walk with a beer in my hand would love to see this work once again greeting kelvin


Although the new menu has a ton of new emotes, it’s missing some old ones, and it’s not user friendly at all. A few things:

  1. Inability to play emotes while driving.
  2. Command syntax is way too complicated. Having to type /e + emote + category + dance category instead of just /e dance2-9 as it used to be… that needs a rework.
  3. Lack of a dedicated command like /nearby or /interact for shared emotes.
  4. Inability to do special actions, for instance, pressing G while using the camera to use the flash.
  5. No more champagne spray :feelsbadman:

I understand dpEmotes is a mess (i’ve seen the code of it) but it works and people are used to it. Improving it would be a good idea. Like adding more emotes, reorganizing some of them, fixing the bugs, implementing a nice “Options” page like the one present in David’s menu. However, it’s important not to take away the convenient features we’re all used to.


Although the new menu has a ton of new emotes, it’s missing some old ones, and it’s not user friendly at all. A few things:

  1. Could be done, only reason i had it disabled was due to people being able to kick you out of vehicles with shared emotes.

  2. I agree, it could have improvements. The only reason it’s like this is because of how many dance categories there are. If you have a better syntax to suggest, please do

  3. Will look into getting this added, same with 4 and 5

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Thanks for the Quick response
I be waiting for the fixes so i can walk while doing a emote
been messing around with the menu alot and it sure has a lot nice options
Thank u guys greetings a

I do have some suggestions. Starting with the Dances problem, which is the most complex one, and i believe it calls for a dedicated command.

/d(ance) <category> <optional variation number>

Leaving the third parameter blank would result in a random variation under that category to be picked by the system to play, kinda like Scenarios work.

This syntax already makes things much more user friendly. Now, on top of that, the Dances page should be reorganized, renaming some categories and merging others just to make it all simpler. I’m willing to help with that work if i’m allowed access to the source code on github.

For example, the dances listed under “Casino 2” are just variations of the same dance, officially called “Shuffle”. It’s clear that “/d shuffle 3” is much better than “/e highcenterup dances casino2”.

Another improvement would be the ability to play Scenarios, Actions and Prop Emotes without having to specify their categories. Like “/e BBQ” instead of “/e BBQ Scenarios”. They already have dedicated emote names, so having to type the category every time can be avoided. I understand there may be some conflicts such as “Facepalm” and “Wave” that exist both under Actions and Misc emotes. That can simply be solved by adding more numbers to the conflicting ones.

Anyway, i have more suggestions, but this is enough text for now.