Resell owned property

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Hi. Yesterday i play quite a lot of trucking mode because want to collect money to buy property. Suddenly i bought wrong property which is its look like the property have own garage to place car. But the reality is it doesn’t have it. 2143 Las Lagunas Boulevard, Feel regret. I want to sell it and buy another property. But seems like im can’t find function to sell it back.

Hope admin can help me. Thank you.

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no property on this server has a garage but i like the idea of reselling unwanted properties, even if we would get only 50% of its price back


Yaa it will be good if this server upgrade their property with garage, save favourite vehicle inside just like ori gta. I love to play like that but if i play ori gta. Too much addons i need to get. The important thing is can resell owned property atleast 50%.

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