(request) a tutorial on how to use and tune with handling editor

hi i noticed that only a few players can use the handling editor to tune, most new players and non dont know how to use it and cant find anything online about it (i can’t also)
would be nice if someone experienced with it (on a volountary basis of course) could make a more or less detailed tutorial to introduce people to tuining on the handling editor, cause there is litterally nothing online that explains how to use it.
tanks in advice


thanks but one is just a definition of what does what but ill wait if someone experienced in it explains some tips and how tuining works with that in general

still doesnt help much using it

Feel free to research it and write a guide yourself

if there is none online how im supposed to write it myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:? thats why i asked for someone with experience on it (not forcing and on volountary basis) ti write one for not only me but everybody else
cause i see many experienced but no one actualy helping others to know