Report against a trial admin

**1. 506532
**2. Benny
**3. 4/july/2022 - 15:57
**4. this trial admin kicks me from the server / reason trolling … trolling in my own party ? and kicks me for killing him i don’t think this is a roleplay server so he don’t have permit to do stuff like this , if he wants to use his staff abilities in stuff like this so i vote to remove him as soon as possible. Send me staff warning and kick me from the server because he don’t like my party rules this is ridiculous and against the rules i think .


So while the action in this particular case was wrongfully escalated, (and snaps now understands our procedures perfectly) I must say that you play quite the role in showing these reports to be extremely one-sided.

We understand you try to do everything in your power to join parties, harass the participants, and leave before you could get kicked from the party for 30 minutes. that behavior WILL get you banned if you pursue evading consequences.

Snaps will never kick you for trolling alone, but he will definitely kick you if you troll and then leave the party without getting kicked.