Reintroduce vanilla clothing

Several vanilla clothing components have been replaced by add-on pieces. Many good components are currently unavailable because of that. Add-on items should be added as extras instead of replacing vanilla items.

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it would be nice and neat if an extra clothing option was available. i support your idea :heart:

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I am not replacing vanilla clothing out of choice. If there were a way of making them addon, I would. As it stands the only way to add custom clothes in FiveM is to replace vanilla clothing.

I try and replace duplicated/unused vanilla stuff as much as possible, but unfortunetly there will be times where someone doesn’t like what has been replaced.

Hi Madp. Thanks for your input.
I’m not sure what kind of limitations you might be dealing with, however, i’m certain it can actually be done. In fact, i managed to do it myself in my test server using YMT editor. You might want to take a look at this thread for more info. I’m willing to help, if needed.