RE: ban appeal

hey dude i was banned two nights ago and i still cant seem to figure out why
i had told some guy to “shut his bitchass up” and that no one ever spoke to him in my altercation with another player about how i hate everyone driving an audi at our given time but i later apologized and said that what i said was out of line and i logged off. i come back the next morning and it says zeyo banned me, just looking for some kind of resolution or justification for the action. impulse99 is the only fivem server i actually play i just cant… deal… with the other ones.

my steam name is just nachos, fivem: gum666, and my steam id? is nich2. dont know if any of that helps but thanks a lot dude, it says its zeyo’s server too

You got banned for using homophobic slurs in chat, the ban expires tomorrow anyway. Try to behave in the future as further bans will be longer (and third bans are permanent).