QoL improvements and Airport improvements

I want the ability to have ghost mode. This basically means I want to be able to see everybody, but unable to get hit. Basically I want an active version of no collision zone on me so nobody can grief me whilst im vibing. I’d like a few more airports around the map that are more friendly to bigger planes. the issue im having at the airports are that my wings and jets hit objects around the airports due to their size. having new airports would not only bring more fun to flying and exploring, but it would make it actually possible flying planes like the antanov and some of the airbus and boeing jets. my last suggestion incase you cant do the no collision ghost mode is that i want airport runways to be non collision zones. the hardest part about going to airport and flying is the landing and takeoff. griefers sit at the airport crashing into your plane making it impossible to land or takeoff and be annoying. some people also sit and get in the way on purpose to ruin your fun, so please can we have runways and airports as no collision zones. it would take the attention seekers and griefers out of fun. thanks.

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