Properties released!

You can now buy properties on the server. There are 53 properties available to purchase. They’re divided into 5 tiers:

  • Low-end
  • Mid-end
  • High-end
  • Exclusive
  • Executive (stilt houses) & Penthouses

Each player can own as many properties as they want and multiple players can own the same property, GTA Online style. Be warned: most tiers are pretty expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

Look for green house icons on the map to find out more about them!

Friendly reminder to please report any bugs you find in our #bug-reports category.


Is there any way you could post list of all the properties and their prices and locations? would be super helpful when knowing which one is best one to grind for first etc. Love the update regardless!

They’re all copied from GTA Online (for now) so you can use a website such as this:

All the properties on there are in-game – except one stilt house and a couple of apartments in Eclipse Towers – and the names in-game should all match up to the ones on the website.