Prop Menu to manage properties

as the title says, i’d like to suggest a prop menu that can be used to manage properties. i think some of the features of the menu could be kicking users from your property, accepting requests from other players to enter the house (so they wouldnt have to tp), allowing guests to submit requests for /tvplay. a list of all your owned properties would also be cool, maybe with a tp button, this would be useful for users who have multiple houses and apartments. other features could also be implemented, as these are just a few that came to mind after playing around with properties for the past months.

p.s. enabling freecam mode in props would also be really cool, but i know that freecam mode is a new feature and still in development, so devs are probably already planning to enable this in future versions.



yes good very nice


Yes pls that way no more griefers in houses q-q

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yes, agree 100%, all of these wud be really cool, especially the kicking part cus we get annoying griefers during our koolkids parties, ty.

agree would be nice even tough i would never want to grind to get a house.
btw all this time on the server and you join the forum just now lol