Post old SA-MP videos here

If you got any.

I recorded this in 2009

Another guy made a video with me (lol)

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I felt like these had to be documented somewhere. I wish the pics had thumbnails tho. Sorry for hijacking your thread, Tur, but they weren’t keen on making a samp screenshots thread.

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These are some pictures of me and the boys in 2018.

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And lastly, I hope my danish friend, Tur, won’t end it all because this thread got a little off track, so I’ll post my old cringy samp video. I hope this will bring the thread back to where it’s supposed to be.
Btw don’t be mad admin men, you told me to post the pics here. I got the screens to back it up.

Also, this is my very last post, message and whatever on the i99 forum, discord, and FiveM server. Cya all, and thanks for the good and bad memories. It’s been a ride.


In 2014 Video on october is looks funny old video “with lags”

In 2018 trucking liked Good quality video

Old times lemme ridding screenshots part! 2015 Late Screenshots 2016-2018 Screenshots in SAMP!

With Crews people i99

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