Post a picture of your Whip

your favourite whip/car/brum/ecc here

hmmmm :thinkp: picture of my whip or picture of my favorite whip which i do not own?
im gonna go with the second one - this is probably my favorite car :o
idk why, but i just love s14s (kouki).

i feel like my s14 would look somewhat like this one:

i knew it would be something like that :-1: xd

:heart_eyes:Stilo before the restoration
now restoration is over but have to finish some things and clean it up when it gets warmer

aight if we talking about fav whips, gotta be the CLK GTR. It just looks timeless, definitely race ready and is elegant at the same time.

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well better than a jdm but dont get why they put the sedan face on a car like this kinda ok ish

Ah yes the CLK GTR, one of the best racecars airplanes

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that’s the CLR though

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that should be the @Madp planecar lol

This is mine!


nice! i like that series alot @F4U

now rust free and all polished

Thanks dude yours is clean too. I’ve actually done a lot of cosmetics since that picture. I’m trying to upload all of them but the files are apparently too big lol

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there is a size limit so you would have to use external hosting
then share the link @F4U

Opel Corsa OPC Line :grin::grin:


“Your free trial of downforce has ended”

My baby Bimmer :black_heart::mountain:


I wish this be my whip

05’ Saab 9-3 2.0T Aero, it makes Turbo noises.

Send help, I’ve been infected by the Saab community.

cool hwhip