Possible money Cheat/Hack or Money Bug/Exploit

1. Player UID: 973304
2. Player name: Midnight |S| Smogay
3. Time and date of incident: 2022/9/6 09:00EST
4. Description of incident: Possible money hack
5. Proof (preferably screenshots/video): Impulse99 - FiveM - GTAV - SmoGay money cheat 2022/9/6 - YouTube

They did a bunch of 50k duels which is how they got the money

duels don’t show up on leaderboard ? I mean the player isn’t even on the Kills leaderboard. But that kill leaderboard has a minimum of 232 kills whereas $2.3Mil would be only 46 kills.

can you add a duel leaderboard please ?



You can set duels to be 1 kill each

What i mean is that if there was a duel leaderboard, as in most wins and most money earned, it could be more interesting. We could then challenge the leaders for more of a challenge.

And it would explain the sudden jump on the money earners leaderboard and others wouldn’t file cheat claims.

I did look at every leaderboard section to make sure the money he earned was legit. Including the kill leaderboard.

If there was a duel leaderboard, I would’ve noticed it and wouldn’t have bothered you.


The report is not a bother at all, don’t worry about it. There have been a few instances of this happening which lead to confusion, and perhaps a duel leaderboard will indeed be added in the future

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I just added it to the suggestions list.

Thanks for your help.