Possible admin bribe got me banned for 7 days

Ban ID: 7ef3f691-da3f-4719-91f8-0867c8c6af17

I got banned for 7 days without any reason on the server. Now I belive the player called QMT | Quemac bribed the admins to ban me because we have beef and I have proof that he is a pedophile. So he wanted me off the server. However I have sent the proof to my friends on impulse and off the server. Anyways can I get a reason why I have been banned without a reason if there is one.

My ign is : LDC I Glockle_ :hot_face:

You got banned for constantly saying things such as “fag”, “faggot”, “nig” “nigglet”, calling countries gay, etc. Perhaps you can use your week long ban to reflect on why these things might not be alright to say.

Quemac also had literally nothing to do with this, the action was purely taken due to you constantly triggering the blacklisted word filter, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.