Players sometimes are immune to damage in deathmatches

Sometimes when in an active deathmatch, there are some players that are immune to damage. They are easy to distinguish from players able to take damage and players with higher ping due to the fact that when you shoot them, they don’t flinch. They are immune at every part of the body and the type of weapon being used does not effect them. When this happened to me today about 2 hours ago, there was 2 players effected by this bug that were able to farm kills, without being killed themselves.

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never seen this bug to be honest, only people not taking damage i saw were bugged reconnecting so they couldnt move or play. Imma try to look how this happens

Exact steps to reproduce would be helpful as this is nearly impossible to pin down otherwise

you just need to shoot them in the head a couple of times, i have abt 250 ping and whenever i try to DM i need to shoot a guy countless of times before they die