Passive mode suggestion

Buying passive mode on impuse99 with money you made in game,


50k gives: 1 hour passive mode
100k gives: 2 hour passive mode

Just press F2 or do a private party lol I don’t really see the need of a passive mode on payment


I made this suggestion for a new money idea, there is also 500 people in the normal map so passive mode around the whole map would be a good idea (in my mind)

why pay for passive mode? so imagine doing 30 minutes or 1 hour meth and spending it on a 1 hour passive mode… dont you think thats a bargain? even if the price is low why pay for passive mode? i mean gab said it clearly just f2 or open a private party.

The money was just a example, there is so many people on the map, it was just a suggestion… :joy:

I ain’t spending money yet not interested.

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