Party realms features ideas/improvements

hi i have some features ideas for the realms (im no where near a dev so i cant know if those ideas are plausible or not)

  1. realm list

realm list like an internal server browser where there are listed by name all the realms with the player count for each realm and you can request the invite to the host of that specific realm with a cooldown of like 30s so no spam requests
also very handy to know if a buddy is on a realm

  1. Open realms

make open realms so people can join without invites and directly from the realm list from above, a very good thing for making like a mini pvp session alivable for all with a limit of like 50 ppl or infinite

  1. “static” realms

realms that stay on the server always and only accessible from like password and invite request to the host from the menu if no password is known. handy for like drifters to have a realm they dont need to set up and invite people everytime

Let me know what do you think about those suggestions :wink:
i will add later if i come up with more ideas

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@BabaUnicorn tnx what of those you like more