Party Chat + Ability to change time of day in the Party

  • With the ability of a Party Chat, Players would be able to chat privately with the people
    in the same party as them, this would make it easier for people to talk to each other privately
    in parties, without having to use DM’s. <<< (Useful if people wish to talk privately to a group,
    and not just to one person.)

( This would make the global chat look cleaner, and would let the people that
RP actively, RP in their respective RP parties. This would also make it easier for
people to talk to their buddies in the party without having a chat full of other
people talking. )

  • The ability for the host of a party to be able to change the time of day and weather in
    a party’s dimension.
    ( This would be especially liked by the community, since many do not wish to have
    bad weather such as rain, and could change it themselves by hosting a party. )

Good suggestions. The chat system certainly deserves an upgrade. A local chat could be added as well, so that even people in free roam can benefit from it. This has been suggested before i’m pretty sure.

About filtering global chat text, i think that should be a separate option. Most times i want to talk privately with friends nearby, but i still want to see what people are saying globally.

Weather settings should be implemented in parties as well, i think many people would like that.