New Properties 1.01

I have been loitering around the city recently and managed to find certain spots that can be used as brand new properties since they look really nice.

  • Mirror Park, Nikola Place

I find this street somewhat similar to Grove St, everything looks so modernized and fancy, it has plenty of space and can be used for basically anything fun, such a nice place really. If you could make at least one of these houses a buyable property, it would be pog. :slightly_smiling_face:

X: 1369.26, Y: -576.36, Z: 73.09, A: 66,09

  • West Vinewood Mansion

A super-duper big good looking mansion located in Vinewood with a functionable garage, such a great place for big parties or any car meets, you should really give it a try.

X: -54.64, Y: 347.32, Z: 111.49, A: 155.58

  • Richman, North Rockford Drive

This one looks really cool but tbh any house from that neighborhood looks just amazing.

X: -1928.86, Y: 191.12, Z: 83.67, A: 134.28


This would be really cool for car meets and more fun etc.

Wdym car meets this is a properties-you-can-buy suggestion

it would create more car meets alot of people like to do car meets at nice houses