New money making methods

The way to make money on this server is simply boring and too time consuming. Why have such a variety of housing options when barely anybody shows them off because they can’t be bothered wasting a whole day of their life just for 1/3 of the price of a penthouse.

My suggestion is to add mini missions that take about 15 minutes to complete that have a payout of around 40k-50k. This will make players more interested into making money as first of all, its new content, and second of all it’s actually a good payout and still requires a grind to get the houses.

Something like driving a bus and doing bus stops is good enough. Have different stops each time you re-do then just loop it after a while or randomise each stop. Give the player 10 minutes of bus stops and driving and have a payout of 30k.


All the ways of making money are relatively balanced for a reason. One of the primary considerations that went into deciding the payout was how long it would take a player to obtain a property.

High end properties are meant to be difficult to obtain by design, and you can get a low end property in as low as 3-4 hours of play. Not every player will play enough to buy a property, but that’s not an issue.

While the number of minigames/ways to make money could probably be higher, if more ways are added, they will almost certainly be balanced with the others so that no one method is massively better than the others.


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Bro just do drift sessions with your friend and swap who wins 1st place, in 1 hour you can Make 5mil :joy:ez

Hmmm yeah makes sense. Welp, just guess I’ve got to hope for some new minigames or whatever to spice up getting some cash. Interesting, thanks!

expand on this please, im intrigued.

Honestly the server actually needs more ways to spend money rather than gain it.