New forum!

Welcome to our new forum!

What’s this you ask? Well, our old forum (which ran on a 5 year old version of XenForo) had a few issues pop up recently so me and Zeyo decided to look for alternatives. We decided on Discourse, an open-source forum software which is completely free and has a much more modern design, with a lot of nice features built-in - for example logging in with a Discord account, much better text formatting etc.

Sadly you will have to register an account again, however considering the amount of spam and inactive accounts we had, that’s probably a good thing.

For the time being, this forum will be focused mainly on FiveM related things - but we do plan on making this the main forum for all things Impulse99 and replace the old one. For now the old forum will remain in read-only mode so that we don’t lose all the screenshots and other data.

We hope you won’t have too much of a hard time getting used to it and that you will enjoy the extra bells and whistles this has to offer. If you have any questions about the new forum feel free to message me or Zeyo, preferably on our Discord.

TL;DR: new forum (for FiveM) who dis


Blessed new forum is beautiful.

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:ok_hand: forum

:heart_eyes: it’s a blessing! Plus it supports emojis :burrito:

Yeah was good Forum was future :smile: emojis too

Kinda resembles fivem forum software. Posts aren’t divided up by pages, but just infinitely scroll. <- Still getting used to that.

Definitely embracing the changes. Good job ladies!

10/10 Forum

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it is the same software

Forums kinda looking awesome modern forum thing liked 10/10 New thing

The frontpage kinda looks like those “Domains for sale” or “Expired domaine” webpages

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See y’all on FIVEM