New Car Feature

I think it would be really cool to have a car with a working entertainment system. Basically a tv screen that can play youtube and twitch videos. And I think the cars with that functionality should be purchased the same way houses are on the server, to give players something else to use their money for and so people who’ve grinded to buy a house won’t feel cheated. House parties are a lot of fun entirely because of the TV, and i think that addition would make road trips with players a lot more fun too, especially for the passengers.

With that being said, another feature/option could be a “Pass the Aux Cord” feature, where the driver can determine who can play the next video/song.
It would be awesome to use youtube links to control the radio as well. Maybe when the driver switches to that radio station, anyone in the car can submit youtube links that get put into a Queue, but only the driver reserves the right to skip or replay songs

Tl;dr TV in cars/limos/jets
Radio station controlled by Youtube links

Thanks for reading (:

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And maybe it would be cool to include an option for a custom sound/song for the horn.