My ideas to improve I99 (Drift)

Hi Impulse99 players!:beginner:
» I love all the JDM and the drift cars and I found out the drift tracks are start to get boring.
So I suggest to put in the Ebisu Jump Drift track what is the most popular drift track in the world and it’s a legendary track too.

» I find a link to the track (It’s working in singleplayer):

» And I also reccomend to put some more tunable drift cars in like (S13 Missile, S14 Missile, BMWs)

I also got a link for what i mean:

» I know It’s hard to put new mods to a server, and you may have a lot of requests too. But I’d love to see thoose in the server.

Thanks for reading! Stay sideways!:beginner:

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im neutral :neutral_face:
personally think there is enough but idk

I totally agree with you the tracks are getting a little boring. It would be cool if they changed the drift maps every season, mix it up a little so we have something new to look forward to. The S13 S14 and multiple Drift Spec BMW’s are already in the server. Go check out my post and give it a like and a comment and let me know what you think about my suggestions.
Happy drifting friend :slight_smile:

i don’t want any more drift cars just default cars like mercedes or bmw.

@DogeTheDog999 who are you and why are you here? lol lemme guess you’re one of those guys that drive in a straight line without the ability to shift and call that racing. lmao

No i usally fly planes i don’t really like driving

drag racing >