Multiple emotes

this may already exist -in which case can someone tell me how to do it LOL

i’d like to be able to save multiple emotes, actions or scenarios to different hotkeys so i can really play out whats on my mind better!! thanks :slight_smile:

You can use FiveM’s built-in bind command for this: Console commands - Docs

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ok this would involve me knowing how to script in C+ or Java -_- is theres a cheat sheet for this somewhere that shows the commands i’d need to enter from the F8 window to do this? if that would even work, im guessing its as simple as just hitting F8 and adding the command to bind emotes or whatever to specific keys…

no? it’s literally a console command

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not sure what you mean by “console command” but im trying to enter things into it like DOCK, or /dock or //dock but nothing working LOL sorry im so bad at this :smiling_face_with_tear:

No, it’s okay. You can use something like this in F8: bind keyboard e "e dance". This will execute “/e dance” whenever E is pressed. You can check all available key codes here: KEYBOARD - Docs

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