More Minor Suggestions

  • /tune command that directly opens the tuning menu.

  • /v opens vehicle spawning menu IF user doesn’t input a vehicle name to try and spawn.

  • Hold down horn for 3 seconds leaves race.

  • /spec [userid/name] so we don’t have to scroll through vmenu.

  • Ability to give money to other users.

  • Ability to hit/shoot users. (If user disables godmode, you are able to kill them) Atleast make this default… and if people don’t want to be shot at, add a setting (/a) to disable being shot at… IE the way its currently setup.

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done, is live now

done, needs reload

This has been planned for a while, for now I’ve sorted the list alphabetically to at least make it easier to find people

This is nice

@Exotic Thoughts on the other suggestions?

Sure I guess, added to to do list

We decided before launch to not include this feature as it just creates problems, one guy somehow finds out how to glitch money, even if it is highly unlikely, then distributes it around and yeah… Also people were always asking for money all the time on samp instead of actually playing the game :\ So yeah this is not likely to be added in the foreseeable future

We have some plans for something similar so it’s on the to do list already