Money System Sugg

I think the money system is a bit outdated, I think people have to be able to do things with it (more than just buy houses), such as holding events and giving prizes with that money, I’ll give you an example.

  • Make a tournament and the prize is 30k from the creator of the event.
    That’s why I propose to make this kind of money system:
  • to know your money /money
  • Give someone money /givemoney (ID) (amount)
    If what you are afraid of is people cheating by giving money to other accounts by hacking or they are doing Rp. You can block it very easily:
  • Only be able to do /givemoney every 24 hours (we also remove that people make rp with it)
    -Set a maximum amount of what you can give

Finally I think that the money in the game is something that can give a lot of life to the server To clarify it well, these groups are not rp groups, they are freeroam groups, which have existed from SAMP, which are very important because they create Freeroam Events.


Having any sort of event for money would be so dope. I remember back in the SAMP days when we used to hold a couple events per day on a freeroam server. All of them for money. At one point my money glitched(basically had 9999999999$) and me and my friends were holding events for like 50-100K a pop. While everyone else was doing 10k max. Those were the days man, I’d love to see it here too. Although, just handing out money to people should be set to a very low ammount, outside the events.


I like the idea of being able to hold events to giveaway prizes in cash. I don’t like the idea of limiting it to 24 hours, though. People should be able to do whatever they want with their money. Having a maximum amount per transfer is probably necessary anyway, so i guess that’s enough limitation.

Honestly though, i think there needs to be more ways to spend money in the server, because at the moment we can only buy houses. Let’s say add a truck with TV screens on the sides where you can play youtube videos for players nearby in a small area, but you have to pay quite a bit to spawn it. I think that would be cool for car meets.

Regarding RP, people already do that in the server, there is nothing wrong with it. To each their own. Having the ability to give away money won’t make i99 less Freeroam or more RP in any way.


hope they add it!


very good idea i support it :heart:

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what do you suggest as events for winning the money?

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“I think people have to be able to do things with it (more than just buy houses), such as holding events and giving prizes with that money” so you are suggesting a new way to make money, not to spend it because the only thing would still be houses to be possible to buy.
You can view your money in pause menu or with up-arrow, or /stats , so /money cmd makes really no sense.
Giving money to other players would require a registered transaction list to handle any cheats (more admin work), then the $5k per day transferable limit could be a good cap.
That said, it would be better to propose new events, these tournaments you are talking about, things to buy etc;

I think the events are a very important part of the freeroam servers since they give it life and make the generation more encouraged to enter and depend on it.
I can give you thousands of examples and also the beauty of Freeroam is this imagination:

  • Pvp events 1x1,2x2,3x3 Etc.
  • Drift events
  • Racing events
  • ETC
    On top of that, the good thing about this is that the people who want to do the events you make them play minigames to get money, this does two things:
  • Create events for people
  • The people who create them, have to get money (for example, making people go up in derby)
  • People have fun, which is the most important thing.

I don’t know if you understood me, as I told avie it’s a way for people to spend their money doing events and for other people to win, at the same time the people who create the events would have to generate them and that means one thing that minigames like Racing, Derby, Etc increased his popularity.
Now people could spend their money in one more way:

  • Making events
  • Buying house
    The rest I work for the Admins I’m not going to say anything, everyone knows where they’re getting into and why they’re getting into it.

I agree that we need more means to spend. While i suggested one idea (media player), i’d like to see more. We are quite limited on possibilities, though. It’s Freeroam so we can’t keep things like weapons, vehicles or peds/clothing (customization) behind a paywall.

Giving money to others can be considered a way to spend, as sara pointed out.
With that said, we can expand more on the ways players can exchange money. There could be like a betting system for races, drift and derby. You bet on whoever you think will win, so you may or may not lose money. There could also be a bounty system, where you place a bounty on someone and whoever kills them gets the cash.

Now some ideas that might be controversial (or crazy):

  1. Players like to leave a mark. How about let them… erm… rent billboards. So they pay to keep a 3D textdraw on a billboard for a certain amount of days. It could be images and gifs even (for memes), but that would require moderation. Could probably use a discord channel to host the images and moderate at the same time.

  2. Let players pay daily to keep a vehicle spawned at a spot of their choice. Probably frozen and with collisions disabled.

  3. Pay to keep a Blimp with your name on it and some text scrolling through the screen (or pic/gif) flying over LS.

  4. Pay to have a ped that looks like you, doing an emote 24/7, spawned at a spot of your choice. lol

Can’t believe i’m posting these, but anyway.

With free transition or something limited, a thousand things can be done with the imagination, which is the beauty of freeroam