Missing SAMP server?

** I was wondering how many players from SAMP are playing on FiveM? Im also kinda curious are you guys missing old I99 (crew, players, SAMP, everything that comes in your mind). Let me know your opinion, and if you have some good memory it would be nice if you would like to share it (it can be SS, video, or just story). Let me know what you have and think. :grin:


In 2014, I started playing on the Impulse99 SAMP server. What really surprised me was that there were a lot of Balkans on the community, which encouraged me even more to play. Of course, the i99 community was much smaller, but even then there were a lot of good people, who were quite communicative and friendly. I honestly think that Impulse99 SAMP server deserved more players, like today’s Impulse99 FiveM server. I’m sorry that a lot of players from the Impulse99 SAMP server have either stopped playing or simply don’t have PC to run GTA V. However, a lot of SAMP players are still here on FiveM. As are, of course, the management and admin team, CyberDragon (Tofu), Fuji, (Cirko, Genki and Fred who are part of the admin team now), Avie, Mantasm98, Foka and me. I probably forgot someone, so if he didn’t find himself, let me know by writing down in the comment. Yes, I miss the old community, as well as the SAMP server, I hope others think so too. I had even more screenshots, with even more people, but unfortunately I lost them.


I agree with most of things Yugo said, tough i personally think that it is good SAMP I99 didnt had a lot of players, i mean 95% of players on SAMP where communicative, and thats not the thing with FiveM Impulse. I mean everybody knew each other back then, and that was a small but fun “crew”. Now you have 400+ players, but i dont really see them as communicative and as friendly as they where on “Old I99”. Plus there where a lot more activities. When it comes to playing FiveM its nothing other than just drivin’ around. I like both of servers, but SAMP I99 was priceless.

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I miss the sa-mp server too :frowning:

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I don’t know if you remember Karlo_Stipicevic but I was me, and I do remember having fun with you guys, it was good old times. The SA-MP server was really cool and full of people from Balkan which gave me opportunity to make new friends. And because of playing with you guys, and playing on server in general, I learned to talk and write in English with almost 0 grammar mistakes.

Also, since I play FiveM sometimes, I would like to get in touch with you again and play like in good old days :slight_smile:

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I miss it to be fair. It was good old times. Unfortunately my computer’s bloodline is too weak to run GTA V.

In 2014 i download SAMP and started playing at i99,it was so much fun, I came up with a community that was so likeable and had players who didn’t give a shit about the position and liked to have fun, a big greeting for CyberDragon, MarkoNarko, Foka, Hope_Pro, Mantasm and a lot of others, it was beautiful and I hope the SAMP server will come back sometime :smiley:

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Some guys are already working on a MP platform for San Andreas Definitive Edition

Definitive edition is horrible though.

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tbh I think its nice and enjoyable.
Tho Ryder killed himself by slamming his boat into the coast and tipping the boat over which drowned him lol. There is a few hiccups here and there.

The draw distance is terrible. Being able to see the whole map feels odd, but overall I like it.

Mostly bought it for GTA VC.

The fact your vertical mouse sensitivity is completely fucked if you’re not aiming a gun makes it pretty much unplayable for me. Might as well play the original.

We can agree on it is not like the OG, but I do still like it.