Liveries, extras, and other Mod Features

If someone wanted to, say design some of these things. Would the files need to be uploaded where?I was wanting to play around with some liveries and extras maybe making a custom pack to possibly use for the server. If that’s something that can be added into the servers Vmenu, then id like to take a crack at it. Im sure someone could add liveries client-side but i think it would be cool to let everyone use em. apparel and MP customization additions would be cool too. Ive seen some really nice ones added with the recent update and id like to contribute in that regard as well.

Liveries are just images that you can draw, you need a template however. Not all cars have one however.

I don’t know about the rest, it requires some deeper editing of the vehicle mod files.

Thank you for the input. I will try opening the game files of a vehicle with liveries and start there.