Last Man Standing

We need a Battle Royale style minigame like /lms from SA-MP.

The map could be a 1000x1000 meters with different weapon types, and everyone would be spawned 300 meters from the ground with a parachute (like a real Pubg knockoff).

Weapons will most likely have fixed spawn locations, but better and effective weapons like an AK or M4 will be less common meanwhile Pistols and SMGs will be more common.

f.e an RGP will only be spawned one place with only 3 rockets, but a SMG would be spawned several places with 2-3 mags.

(I do not know how to make maps for FiveM)

I do like the idea of an LMS minigame and it will very likely be added eventually, however probably not in the battle royale format. I feel like that kind of thing would have to be the main focus of the whole server, not just a side minigame.

Since we don’t plan on paying for FiveM anytime soon, we will only have 32 player slots available to us – not really enough in my opinion for a good implementation of a battle royale once you consider that you can only expect maybe 10 online players max to actively want to play it.

I also don’t think battle royale would really fit the theme of our server, which is relaxedish freeroam with a few things to do on the side and an optional goal to build towards (properties).

The reason why I’m calling it a BR minigame is because LMS kinda was a BR style.

There could also be a player limit of maximum 10 players per LMS game and having a smaller map instead of 1km x 1km.