In vehicle audio streaming & YouTube playlists

It would be cool if we had a command (like “/radio URL”) to play YouTube music via streaming through the vehicle radio, so all passengers can hear it. Similarly to how /tvplay works, except that it only plays the audio, not the video. It’s not even necessary to replace another one of the original radio stations for this. YouTube streams could play through the already existing Impulse99 radio, only replacing the default audio stream. There could also be an option to return to the normal i99 radio stream by using “/radio i99” or something.

In addition to that, i’d like to suggest an improvement for /tvplay as well. Currently we can play YouTube videos and Twitch live streams, but we can’t play YouTube playlists or Twitch VODs. It would be very nice if we had support for both, but mostly for YouTube playlists. That would enable us to even control the music with the YouTube app on phone, adding more songs or changing the order of the them in a custom playlist.

Playlists should be supported on /radio as well.


Must have it would be more interesting to play your music in game

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It would be awesome if we had this

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