I want to try again there and i dont want to stop trying

Ban ID: 824d74d1-38d7-45cc-84df-782754efbcad

I want to try again in the i99 community idk anymore how many times i have tried but im really missing the community and yes… I did wrong thing which i regret still. Can i try again in there with my friend Autista, Aster, Jacky, Put1n, Xeni and many others i miss them a lot just like the chill car meets, Roleplay and ofcourse the staff. I dont eve have the same attitude anymore. I show more respect to others and not being shelfish. Atleast could you give unabn to my friend Autista, i dont think he has done anything but its not my bussiness. Just pleace give me one chance and i will promise i wont dissapoint yall as i did months ago im changed now!