I got banned for no reason

Im smokey from your server (impulse99) i wanted to say that i got banned for no reason and im not a modder, some people were blaming me and they were calling me weird and they were calling me names like bitch mf or asshole… i just want you to know that i love your server and i wanted to ask you if you could unban me i like to joke around with people but i wanna say that im sorry.

smokey :wink:

ID: 9a45a556-3b2a-4a64-985f-d953cd9aee3d

And this is my third ban, before the first ban somebody named honey and her friends like we were in a car meet in a party i was playing music with voicemod and then honey kicked me out of the party and then I asked honey why i got kicked and then she said that my music was trash and loud i was really playing a normal music, and then we started talking trash to eachother she called me bitch and her friends were talking trash too and then i said that shes a pussy and then i got banned

before the sec ban, i was like drifting on a drift map and then honey joined the server everybody is saying hi hello honey and stuff like that, when i said hi to honey, she said shut the fuck up bitch and then i asked her why she said that and then she said fuck off i didnt say nothing wrong and then somebody named kutzooi or kutzoi came to the server and then when i was talking trash to her too that kutzooi guy banned me for 1 week they are really blaming me bro

AGAIN im really sorry, i would be really happy if you unban me

smokey :wink:

I feel like if you’re still “trash talking” people after literally getting banned twice in the span of 5 days for harassing people and being rude, you’re probably better off staying banned, sorry