I got banned for no reason at all

Ban ID: 1e2345ed-af89-49a9-9411-814f33b6cafa

Hello im wegasas=Achuel on discord im sorry to bother you.I just wanted to play fivem Joined on a new rockstar because a got a false global ban for 1 year and a tried joining impulse and a see a got banned for no reason.Even tho a didn’t play fivem like a week.Last time a joined impulse was like 2 weeks ago or something.Now a tried joining into the server a wanted to play with my friends and a got a 28 day ban and there is no reason to it because a wasn’t playing in your server at that moment.In the last two weeks a was able to join a server and play calmly and now a just can’t. Could you please unban me because a didn’t do anything wrong.

Someone with your Rockstar Social Club account 100% cheated using a mod menu and got banned. Their player name was “aleks”. If you are sharing your Social Club account with another player, this is unfortunately what can happen.

Well it’s a bought rockstar and that player has no access to this rockstar anymore

It’s still your account though - you bear the responsibility for it, so you’ll just have to wait until the ban expires