I don't know why I got banned from server

Ban ID: 959eff68-9815-4820-a7b9-dacb9c3c456a

last day im play on just doing drift,
and today when I wanted to log in, I got a notification ‘you are banned’ I don’t know where my mistake was, please unban I love this server.

Says here that you completed the race “CraySea drag” faster than possible

oh, at that time I used the ‘LALT’ boost, I didn’t know that it was against the rules, i realy sorry, can i get unban ?

Alt is unavailable in races

but when i press it was working,
Is it because of the internet connection lag?
btw i used add on car supra with mod multiply engine x2

unlikely it’s been lag.

since I can’t find anything wrong, you will stay banned for the default ban duration, which is 1 month.

May I ask, am I banned by the system or reports from other players?
thank you for taking the time to reply to my post

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