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Hello good morning, as I have already commented on some occasions, I think it is time to take into account the groups of players and create a group system for them, I think that as you can see the groups will be larger and more abundant, that is something very positive for the server, Due to:

  • Groups do events for the server community (meetcars, parties, pvp, etc)
    -The groups create a good social environment, since they interact with new people who want to integrate or just know about them and on the other hand these same groups interact with each other.
    -Within the groups a feeling of “Belonging to this server” is created, that is to say that they feel part of this server “they are recognized in this server” For this reason I think it is necessary to create a group system, so that they can do more things and organize themselves better, with this I am going to give some examples of things to be able to implement.
    1- Group entry and exit system
    2- Ranking system within the group ( leader - co leader -member ), that each one can do a function such as the leader doing everything but the co leader only inviting people to enter. 3- Group ranking system in PvP, Drift and races.
    4- Internal speech chat with the group.
    5- Give them the possibility of being able to hold events and that the prizes can be money from the group (It would be necessary to have a money system).
    1 - /gjoin (id) . /gkick (ID)
    2- /grank . /gup (ID) . /gdown (ID)
    3- /Groupsrank (leaderboar de los grupos)
    4- To type in group chat a prefix like the exclamation mark (!) can be used at the before the message. Text would appear in yellow, exclusively to group members.
    5- /Gstats To see members are in and see rankings
    This suggestion is not focused on the groups being RP, but on the freeroam groups being formalized and having some small support within the server, since as can be clearly seen they are the ones who lead the initiatives to do Freeroam things, I emphasize this does not have nothing to do with Rp (This format has been used since SAMP or MTA, Freeroam servers)

This seems like a good idea overall. Having more options and a more in-depth group system wouldn’t hurt; even if it pushes RP even more, that wouldn’t be much of an issue because then there would be a group chat. Everything will be way more organized(considering most of the messages are gonna be inside the group chat) and general chat would be so much cleaner and we all know we’d love that because, yeah, guys, roleplaying on a freeroam server is CRINGE OK WE GET IT but each to their own at the end of the day. Yeah, I’m for this 100%.


It would be nice to oficialize the groups/clans that already exist in the community.
Having actual clan tags registered in the server would be great, as that would prevent non-members from using fake tags.
An internal chat exclusive for group members would also be a great addition.

The potential for expansion is great as well, as groups can create events and compete in all kinds of minigames. The leaderboard system already exists, it just needs a new category for groups.

Overall, a good feature to have in i99.


Good idea, I think this functionality will be useful for a large number of teams / clans.Now to be part of the team enough to change the nickname, but it can do it anyone, so it would be nice to see just a working system to team leader to recruit / expel from the team people violating the rules or inactive.
[ Leader SYNDICATE team :sunglasses: ]


very clever from you, nice suggestion!


your ideas are so good man. keep up the good suggestions my man :heart:

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i don’t really see the point in separating groups like this, especially with having just group chat with no one to monitor that. just seems like an awful lot of work for something just so some people can benefit from it because not everyone is in a group

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good idea!

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I don’t think it’s a good idea, you are practically suggesting to make the server much more rp oriented than ever, to add many more cmds and, to overturn the chat system by adding a chat for each group, then the admins would find themselves having to manage like 47 chats in addition to the general one. I think it’s slightly unfeasible. :thinking:

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Thank you !!!

For Aviar, first of all thanks for asking and being interested:
1- It’s not separating the groups from the people on the server, it’s the opposite, I’ll explain, if you realize in all the parties that there are 90% of the events, the groups are the creators and they do it for the people of the server.
2- I hope my pms are private and as you say check them all, I think that as pms and group chat are always visible with the chat log and seven when there is a problem or you think there is as it is correct.
3- There are many things on the server that many people do not use but they are being added so that the server improves, for example PvP truck circuits etc and I hope they continue adding more even if they do not use it.

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To Gab, as I said to avie thank you for asking and caring:
1- I think I don’t know if you understand what freeroam groups are, which you can see in the cradle of freeroam that is SAMP and MTA, which as I already explained are non-RP event groups
2-It is not to cancel the chat system, it is implemented like the PM but instead of being to a person, it is to a group.
3- It is not difficult to see the chat logs as it is always done.

I disagree about this having anything to do with RP. It’s about socialization, which is one of the main aspects of Freeroam.

Regarding active moderation, it’s probably not necessary. Group leaders would be in charge of that. You can always keep logs to verify eventual reports anyway. Honestly, not that much work to become a concern. Sara makes a good point about the private message system not requiring active moderation as well.

If this isn’t implemented, a key feature from this could be added, like the group chats system i think would be beneficial…

So for example like we are able to create parties on the server… we could add party chats to the server if that is possible…

Only people who are in the party are able to view the messages
And there is an option for the party creator to turn on/off private messaging in the party

I do believe that since we are able to create our own parties that should be enough for the variety of groups we have on this server… and since there are active groups on the server most of them are very likely to have their own discord channels as well… therfore adding all this to the server i think would be a bit too much…